My Attributes in brief:

Who am I? – The underestimated Idiot
Brought to this world on - 15th of May, 1994
Location - Blogosphere
Education – Just another one of those Engineering victims. Philosophy illiterate.
Blood group – B+
Abilities – owns a professional degree in irritating people with pointless talks.
Interests – music, books, movies....
Why this blog? – because I needed space.

‘The underestimated idiot.’ was started on April 3rd, 2011, when I was 17 years old… I never had any particular reason to blog, I just some place where I can speak my mind freely! That search, finally leads me to blogging.
One particular thing about the blog is that, it seems like I’m talking to myself. I have never addressed a reader, I don’t use fancy language. Who talks to themselves in fancy language?

How does blogging fit in to my activities?
Actually, it doesn’t. Blogging is one of my hobbies. I have immense difficulty in finding time to blog. I also suffer from failing to find topics to write on…but whenever I post something here, it makes me happy. And for me that’s all that counts.

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